IDLifeCorporate Event / Product Launch


IDRevolution is an event hosted by IDLife, a health and wellness direct sales company that focuses on personalized nutrition. The event attracts thousands of associates from across the country for three days of announcements, training, new product launches, and awards.


IDLife partnered with tcg+visual for design and execution of the three-day event at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Using staging, lighting, and drape, we transformed the cavernous arena into an intimate setting that made the attendees feel as if they were part of the studio audience of a live television show. We designed the stage to have three sections: a central thrust for awards and keynote addresses, and two customizable side stage areas for interviews, panel discussions, and presentations. Video from the side stage areas could then be repackaged into marketing materials for later use.


  • Stage Design
  • Creative Concept
  • Visual Design
  • Content Development
  • Filming
  • Speech Writing
  • Scripting
  • Equipment & Labor
  • On-Site Management
  • Editorial
  • Stage Direction
  • Speech Coaching
  • Breakout Sessions


Fort Worth Convention Center (Fort Worth, TX)


Interesting Fact:
In addition to Fort Worth, we produced IDRevolution Conferences in Dallas and Baltimore.

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